Best spots in Madrid for a quick bite.

Fun Falafel was so tasty. Pictured there is a appetizer called Manakish. It is a pastry filled with meat, cheese, thyme, and veggies. The Manakish was the highlight of this place. My mother-in-law had the falafel and she said it was amazing. Sahil and I shared a Kefta sandwich. The kefta was almost as good as the meat in the manakish. Stop by Fun Falafel while you’re in Madrid for some yummy, quick food and make sure to try the Manakish.

Ginos Ristorante was a delight. We had dinner here and the service was incredible. We were celebrating my father-in-laws birthday. The desserts and wine were my favorite parts.

My husband found La Mallorquina for pastries and coffee in the morning. Everything was SO fresh it was amazing. Make sure you know what you want when the waiter comes their very busy. I miss the coffee in Spain so much.

For Brunch I found this place called La Rollerie they are known for their freshly made bread. Everything we ordered here was delicious. I was so stuffed when leaving the restaurant. Sahil and I shared the Brunch Provenzal. It came with so much food including a delicious Quiche. It also came with a fresh croissant and marmalade. I devoured both. There’s a few locations.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have visited these spots or if you plan on visiting them!

XoXo Aruj

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