But I love writing ✍️

One of my favorite things to learn as a child was learning how to write. I wrote everywhere as soon as I learned a few words, especially my name. I used to share a closet with one of my sisters and I wrote my name with marker inside of it. As time went on I found a love for books even though I didn’t know how to read much. My sister Aneela would take me to the local library and I’d pick my favorite book (Amelia Bedelia) and I’d get the cassette too. Those were the days, I miss it so much sometimes. I’d sit down pop the tape in the cassette player and try to read along.

Blogging came very naturally to me when I began. I love sharing my life experiences. In the past two years a lot has happened and I fell off blogging.

Writing and reading is a passion of mine. Sharing my experiences and reading yours brings me joy and helps me connect. I have been M.I.A recently but this post is just to say that I’m back and I will be sharing a lot of my recent experiences. My trip to Barcelona and Madrid, amazing sandals I found, makeup, sunscreen for brown skin and much more.

Please let me know if there is anything you would like for me to blog or even vlog about. Anything from crystals to the products I swear by to clean my bathrooms.




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