Why I’m so in love with crystals…

Since I was a little girl I was always curious about the world. I loved nature and being free as a bird. My mom allowed me to be a free spirit and that allowed me to connect to nature confidently. My cousins and I used to collect fireflies and caterpillars. 🐛 We spent a lot of time outdoors. We rode bikes and went to the park almost everyday in the summer.

As I got into my late teens that part of me got a little lost and I was disconnected. I began college, working a lot, and partying. I was disconnected from nature and from my spiritual life.

In August 2011 I met Sahil, my husband. Meeting him reminded me how magical our world truly is and all the love hidden within it. I quickly started thinking about spirituality after meeting him.

I’m not sure exactly when but sometime in 2012 one night Sahil stopped by his family business Namaste Bookshop. I remember seeing the big Buddha in front and thinking “wow that’s huge!” He went inside while I waited in the car, when he returned he handed me a small amethyst heart. 💜 It instantly made me happy and I was squeezing it and I took a picture of it. (I tried looking for the picture couldn’t find it)

Few days after the amethyst heart was given to me I felt more optimistic than ever and connected to the divine.

Amethyst is a stone of purification and protection. Amethyst helps you to connect to your intuition. It allows you to connect to the divine and to be secure in your spiritual path. What does that mean? That means that if you’ve been living life in a way you believe could be better the amethyst will allow you to change the way things have been going. It will purify you in that sense. It also helps get rid of addictions and or bad habits. It will help you feel confident about being spiritual rather then doubting yourself. It will protect you from repeating actions that no longer bring you happiness or growth.

After working with the amethyst I began praying more often. I became more aware of my surroundings and listening to my intuition. Listening to my intuition kept me safe from making bad decisions whether that was not going out because something felt wrong or knowing if someone had good or bad intentions. Sahil had gifted me a few crystal bracelets and I didn’t really think much of them just that they were pretty and colorful. Now I look back and remember how much I changed over time. They helped me in many ways. Crystals helped heal my heart, they helped me be more confident, crystals helped me to love myself, and most of all crystals helped me connect to Divine energy.

The science behind crystals is that they are made up of negative ions we as humans are made up of positive ions. When we work with crystals they ionize us. By ionizing us they help to refresh our auric fields. That’s why people use Himalayan sea salt lamps in their homes or offices because it “ionizes” the space. New York City doesn’t have a lot of nature that’s why they call it a concrete jungle. New Yorkers are full of positive ions. Plants, trees, flowers, the ocean are all made up of negative ions just like crystals. Crystals will make you feel more relaxed or more motivated depending on the crystal.

I’m blessed to be working with my husband at our family business where we sell many different crystals and minerals. We recently expanded and are so happy.

If you haven’t visited @NamasteBookshop yet you must. It honestly feels like a whole other world inside.

I was interviewed by Jasmine from Stylecaster about crystals in May 2016. She borrowed some crystals to photograph as well. Check out the article where I explain the properties of different crystals. Crystal Healing Complete Guide: Everything You Need to Know

You can find all these beauties at @NamasteBookshop

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