Skin is in 

Self care and self love is extremely important. Eating well, drinking enough water, and a healthy skincare routine is important 

First Aid Beauty’s Pure Skin Face Cleanser is gentle yet cleansing perfect for my sensitive skin. It leaves my skin clean and soft without drying it out. First Aid Beauty’s Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser is so awesome I got a sample of this in my Ipsy bag it’s amazing perfect for a nice deep cleanse. Melts all my makeup off. If you follow the directions you’ll love the results. It shrinks my pores and makes me glow. I’m so thankful for the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream! I’ve been going back and forth for years trying to find a moisturizer that suits my sensitive combination skin. My face and hands love the oatmeal it cools down the redness in my cheeks. 

If you can relate to any of my skin issues I’d give these babies a try. You can get a sample of any of these at Sephora or Ulta. 

Comment what else you’d like me to share ❤

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