2015 Anniversary Euro Trip 

This trip was insanely adventurous and spontaneous. Never did I ever think hubby and I would see so much of Europe so quickly. My cousin in law and his beautiful wife are definitely to thank! They picked us up from Heathrow and drove directly to the Eurotunnel. We drove to Amsterdam and stayed there for two nights. We went partying at Club BLU in Rotterdam, the infamous Tazs Angels were partying there too. 

On our way back from Amsterdam we stopped in Bruges for waffles and chocolate. Driving through the city of Bruges you could see the history in the buildings and roads… from Bruges we headed to Bristol, my cousin in laws hometown (this was the day of our one year Anniversary) Behind us is the Provinciaal Hof in Bruges (Provincial Palace)Our suite in Bristol, UK 🇬🇧 it was beautiful and the bed was so comfortable. (Click the picture for the suite and hotel details) The Park Plaza Westminster Bridge in London was located in the perfect spot. This was our view every time we left our hotel. #tourist I love this picture so much!! I printed and framed it. 

I’m proud to say we used ONLY public transportation in London, Paris, and Versailles. It was so much fun. I was beyond happy and grateful for every moment throughout this trip. I thought hubby and I wouldn’t be able to see all this for a while. #blessed  **Room Service** 🥂Lamborghini’s in front of Harrods (I LOVE cars)Posing for my husband 

We saw so much in London…the Buckingham Palace, the London Bridge, Harrods, went shopping, sat on the London Eye, ate some really bland Italian dinner… 

We took the Eurostar from London to Paris. The train ride was beautiful. We saw the farmlands and a gorgeous sunset 🌅 
Kisses by the Eiffel Tower (dream come true)

We took two trains and a bus from Paris to Versailles. Versailles was so gorgeous. The architecture was divine. My eyes were everywhere during the bus ride to The Palace of Versailles. The Palace itself was beyond this world. We spent a lot of time in the garden where we had lunch.

We had dinner in Paris and then back home to New York the following morning. 

Here’s some more pictures…

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