Saturday Sister Date

My sister and I were walking around Chelsea looking for a brunch spot when we stumbled across these 9 feet tall mahogany doors. We checked out the menu which was conveniently placed by the beautiful doors. We opened the big door and entered Death Ave (loved the name).   There was a bar and high tops, we were deciding to grab one in the corner when we were greeted by our server who asked if we would like to sit in that area or in the main dining room. It was a bit dark and bit loud for our mood so we decided we’d like to sit in the dining room. We walked through a maze and entered a room with lots of natural light.

Our table was perfect. Rosé ❤We shared two mains off the brunch menu. Both were delicious. Hellenic French Toast and Grilled Cod sliders. Loved the decor (top forever21, silk shorts cwonder) My beautiful sister Our view Afterwards we went over to Irvington which is connected to the W in Union Square.My sister and I live for cheese plates 

Origin and Etymology of sophrosyne

Greek sōphrosynē, from sōphrōn being of sound mind, prudent, reasonable (from saos, sōs whole, safe, sound + -phrōn; akin to Greek phrēn mind) + -sȳnē, suffix used to form abstract nouns

pictures were taken with my iPhone 7+  ❤ thank you for visiting come back soon✌ leave me a comment

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