“Up Close: Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel”

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Fahiza baji, Sadia Baji and I ❤ taken by my cousin Iqra

My sisters and I constantly tag each other, and send each other places we want to visit on Instagram and Facebook but we never commit to actually going. This past Saturday (7/15) my eldest sister (Fahiza baji), my third oldest sister (Sadia baji), and my cousin Iqra went to visit the art exhibition display in the Oculus. First off the Oculus had us all in awe. We felt like tourist in our home city.

The exhibit “Up Close: Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel” is large-scale replicas of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescoes. They were amazing and unreal. We got the audio guided tour which came with headphones and a device that spoke about each painting individually. (get the audio device!) Michelangelo’s raw emotion pours from each painting, his depictions of God, Adam and Eve are probably my favorite.



As a child I was always very interested in religion and spirituality. My mother had me at 40 and had a lot of knowledge by the time my curious questions made way to her. She explained all the stories to me and I was in love. I asked her to tell me them all the time (all from her memory). Even though these depictions come from the stories in the Bible a few are very similar to the stories in the Quran. My dear eldest sister has studied Islam tremendously (like my mommy) and gave us our own little tour. She was able to explain how the stories in the paintings were same but yet so different. My heart felt more love and my soul more understanding.


Luckily this exhibits first stop was New York and it will be coming to a Westfield near you. Westfield malls (tickets)


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After our memorable time at the exhibit we walked over to Rosa Mexicano  (that corn was amazing! so was the tres lesches cake)

Dinner at Rosa Mexicano



“adventure is out there” UP
all pictures were taken with my iPhone 7+ by me ❤  thank you for visiting come back soon✌ leave me a comment





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